FUTURA Interactive performance

Interactive Performance for Futura Brescia

Scena Urbana has created and produced four interactive performance, two short shows for the opening and two for the closing ceremony of the festival Futura #Brescia. Futura #Brescia is organised by the Ministry of State for school and education,  Ministero dell’Istruzione.

Videos interact and change under the incentive of choreographic movement created by Marina Rossi, script of actors directed by Sonia Mangoni, experimental music by Luca Formentini e Stefano Castagna. Evocative picture and simply graphic picture like plexus, lines e points take the shape of bodies, or of sounds. Videos are the counterpart of the live performance. Videos play different role of mirror, of dialog, of giving a contest becoming both a player and a storyteller.

While Scena Urbana curated the concept, the direction, the visual and the technical direction, the corheography is of Marina Rossi, compagnia Lelastiko, dancers are Marina Rossi, Giulia Rossi, Marco Poli. Experimental and honiric music by Luca Formentini e Stefano Castagna on table of Flos, were dedicated to the 50° anniversary of the moon landing. dedicate al tema del cinquantesimo anniversario dell’allunaggio.

Last but not least, text dedicated to the importance of education played by Michele D’Aquila, gunder the direction of Sonia Mangoni.

Interactive performances are one of the fields of development for Scena Urbana, and one of the goals for the 2019. The next step could be to create an olographic and interactive show.